the company YACHT-POOL

The YACHT-POOL Insurance Service was established in 1976. Our goal is to develop optimal insurance conditions in the field of recreational boating for the benefit of our customers.


No matter whether the journey is simply a trip along an inland waterway or a round-the-world voyage.


Whether the vessel is a dinghy or an ocean-going yacht with a professional crew, the prerequisites for efficient handling are an in-depth knowledge of yacht construction, maritime law, insurance law and seamanship. YACHT-POOL's strength is that it has highly qualified specialists in each of these sectors.


The term YACHT-POOL denotes the pool of interests of our policyholders, whether they are boat owners or skippers who have chartered a vessel. The concept has its origins in the realization that in the event of a legal dispute the individual is often quite powerless against a major insurance company. Thanks to the many thousands of yacht owners and skippers grouped together in Europe to form the YACHT-POOL, the individual policyholder is assured of the necessary economic power and influence as well as the necessary professional assistance in connection with the choice of insurance cover and the settlement of claims for damages.


Damages are basically determined by impartial experts who are accepted by YACHT-POOL – and not only by the insurer's personnel. Our logical concept, our commitment and the positive experience of our customers have made us what we are: one of the leading yacht and skipper insurers.


A number of well-known insurance companies which are willing and able to take on the risk of the terms and premiums set by YACHT-POOL are engaged in long-term partnerships with us.


It would give us great pleasure to convince you of the benefits of YACHT-POOL.


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