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We will check the possibility of insuring you.

Valid only for the policy holder as crew member. 

If there are more crew members, then everyone have to insure themselves separately.

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Policy holder must be a crew member
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The insurance coverage is always for one charter trip. The charter trip can´t be longer than 4 weeks. On request it is possible. Please inform us in that case.

That means: If you insure your charter on 1st February, you will have insurance cover until the 31st December (excepton: charter cancellation insurance, which is only valid for one charter). Please also note, that the charter can be longer then 4 weeks according to our terms and conditions. If it is longer please contact us.

This is one small difference with YACHT-POOL. With high positive consequences for skipper and his/her crew!

I hereby apply to buy following insurances:
All amounts are stated in Euro and include taxes or fees.
Crew insurance for charters
Crew 3rd liability insurance
In accordance with AHVB\EHVB or AHB (General Accident Insurance Conditions)and the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (CM-global-20140505 and for German CM-1405 D01).
In accordance with AUB (General Accident Insurance Conditions)and the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (CM-global-20140505 and for German CM-1405 D01).

Skipper´s accident insurance is limited to the skipper him/herself (for professional skipper insurances).

For the normal/private skipper insurance, the skipper and crew is insured.

Note: The private accident insurance do not always cover the risk on danger prone sports (like sailing). Rescue costs are often much lower then YACHT-POOL is offering.

Charter deposit insurance
In accordance with the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (CM-global-20140505 and for German CM-1405 D01).

The insurance coverage is valid for skipper and crew and for the amount of the hull-loss incurred up to the maximum selected
below. The co-payment is 5% of the fidelity bond or of the loss, whichever is less, but no less than € 50 per loss-event. The fidelity-bond amount selected must not be less than the one agreed in the charter contract.

If you want to insure a higher deposit sum then 3050,-, please contact us per mail ( Please also inform us, who the charter company and charter agency is and the charter date.
You will get an offer for the charter deposit insurance as fast as possible. The regatta risk is exceptet, but can be insured separately.
charter cancellation insurance

In accordance with General Liability Insurance Conditions and the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (CM-global-20140505 and for German CM-1405 D01).

The skipper and all crew-members have insurance cover. The insurance cover beginns at the date you fill-out (and after payment). Exception: the charter cancellation insurance start immediately after payment of the invoice.

Please fill-out the full sum you have to insure (charter price, flight costs, etc.).

No cover by pre-existing illness.

Independently of the insured sum the minimum premium is EURO 50,-. The premium for insurance cover above EURO 1.800,- you can get by request.
Creditcard payment

The insurance year lasts always for one charter.  Exceptions: charter-cancellation insurance and weather-forecasting service, which terminates with the end of the charter or at some other agreed date.
Insurance contracts don´t renew automatically. If you want to have insurance cover you have to send us a new application form. For our terms and conditions, please consult our internet site

Declaration of consent:

that I had read the Consent, Revocation and conditions of insurance
and I accept them.

Terms and conditions

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Please note, that we accept credit card payment only via Mastercard and the 3d secure system or Visa with Visa verified.

3d secure or visa varified are seperate passwords, which you get by your bank.

More information about the systems:

3D Secure, Mastercard

Verified by VISA, VISA

If you can´t get the passwords fast enough for insuring yourself, please contact us.

You have to insure yourself before the charter trip starts; otherwise insurance coverage is not possible.

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