professional skipper insurance

with creditcard payment

Please send us before you pay the insurance a nautical CV. We will inform you asap about the possibility of insuring yourself.

Also ask your bank if payment to Germany are authorized. Otherwise the payment won´t work.

Important: If your country is not listed below, please write us an email: proskipper(at)

We will check the possibility of insuring you.

Please also don´t use an apple email account; at the moment apple is blocking our emails (with insurance confirmation).

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Pay just one premium and
you´ll be insured until 31st December each year!
You can charter, as often as you like, where you like
and every ship you like!

That means: If you insure your charter on 1st February, you will have insurance cover until the 31st December (excepton: charter cancellation insurance, which is only valid for one charter). Please also note, that the charter can be longer then 4 weeks according to our terms and conditions. If it is longer please contact us.

This is one small difference with YACHT-POOL. With high positive consequences for skipper and his/her crew!

I hereby apply to buy following insurances:
All amounts are stated in Euro and include taxes or fees.
Skippers´ liablity insurance
In accordance with AHB (General Liability Insurance Conditions)and the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (for EU citizen BS02-EU20140206 and for non EU citizen BS02-NON-EU20140206 )

Insured is only the liability of the skipper.

Please take care in choosing the anount of the coverage, that personal injuries can have high costs abroad and that you are personally liable!

Coverage for motorised yachts also includes coverage for sailing yachts.Motor boats with a top speed of up to 10 km/h may be insured for the same premiums as sailing yachts. Property damages of the ship from gross negligence are insured by maximum € 1,0 Mio per year. The insured amount is maximised once a year.
In accordance with AUB (General Accident Insurance Conditions)and the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (for EU citizen BS02-EU20140206 and for non EU citizen BS02-NON-EU20140206).

Skipper´s accident insurance is limited to the skipper him/herself (for professional skipper insurances).

For the normal/private skipper insurance, the skipper and crew is insured.

Note: The private accident insurance do not always cover the risk on danger prone sports (like sailing). Rescue costs are often much lower then YACHT-POOL is offering.

charter-consequential insurance
In accordance with the specific terms of YACHT-POOL (for EU citizen BS02-EU20140206 and for non EU citizen BS02-NON-EU20140206). The insurance cover is valid only for skipper for yachts with the following length.
The cover for motor yachts include the insurance cover of sailing yachts. The regatta risk is excepted, but can be insured separately on request.
Creditcard Payment
All taxes and fees included.
Please write the right inception date. This date has to be before your trip.
statement of agreement:

that I had read the Consent, Revocation and conditions of insurance
and I accept them.

Terms and conditions

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Please note, that we accept credit card payment only via Mastercard and the 3d secure system or Visa with Visa verified.

3d secure or visa varified are seperate passwords, which you get by your bank.

More information about the systems:

3D Secure, Mastercard

Verified by VISA, VISA

If you can´t get the passwords fast enough for insuring yourself, please contact us.

You have to insure yourself before the charter trip starts; otherwise insurance coverage is not possible.

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