crew accident insurance

  • Because, irrespective of one's own or other persons' culpability, it covers the costs of accidents (for disability and the temporary consequences of accidents) in accordance with YACHT-POOL terms and conditions.

  • Because liability insurance cover is not applicable if there is no culpability.

  • Because even if there is culpability, the liability insurance cover is not applicable if the injured party happens to be a member of the family.

  • Because accidents can be extremely costly when you can make practically no use of other persons' liability insurance (foreign countries!).

  • Because in the event of disability the financial consequences can threaten one's own livelihood.

  • Because standard accident insurance policies may not cover "forms of sport which are liable to involve danger" (this includes offshore sailing).

  • Because standard accident insurance policies often only pay out if there has actually been an accident.

  • Because the costs of rescue as provided for in standard accident insurance policies, i.e. in the amount of several thousand euros only, are much too low for blue-water sailing. A skipper accident insurance policy covers all accidents to persons which have been sustained by the insured parties when operating a yacht, in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Accidents and the Special YACHT-POOL Terms and Conditions.



This insurance is only valid for the crew member (insured person) and only for one charter.

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