skippers´ legal protection

Why legal protection insurance for skippers? (PDF)

Because being in the right is one thing – getting one's rights is another. Because legal disputes in other countries can be very expensive. Because fees for foreign lawyers usually have to be paid in advance. Because you have to pay lawyers' fees in different countries even if you win the case. It can even happen that not only the skipper but also the entire crew or just a single member of the crew is sued or himself/herself has good reason to sue.

Scope of insurance cover

Legal protection: Damages
Legal protection in connection with the assertion of claims for damages arising from private liability claims related to yacht management.

Legal protection: Criminal convictions
Legal defense in criminal proceedings arising from a boat accident or violation of criminal laws in connection with yacht management.

Legal protection: Loss of license
Legal representation in proceedings involving suspension of license. Skipper and crew have legal protection worldwide!

IMPORTANT: Insurance cover does not include legal protection for contractual agreements.


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